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Anuel AA & Ozuna – 100

Published By Kez On 21st May 2024, 4:44 pm

DOWNLOAD MP3: Anuel AA & Ozuna – 100

DOWNLOAD MP3: Anuel AA & Ozuna – 100 (Free Mp3) AUDIO 320kbps 

Anuel AA & Ozuna – 100 MP3 is the next hit song for your mp3 download fans. 

Ozuna & Anuel AA comes through with yet another new song titled “100”.

About Anuel AA, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, known professionally as Anuel AA, Puerto Rican rapper and singer. He is considered a pioneer of the Latin trap movement and his lyrics often discuss crime and urban life in Puerto Rico. His music often contains samples and interpolations of songs that were popular during his youth. Naijafindmp3

Anuel AA & Ozuna – 100 LYRICS 

[Intro: Anuel AA & Ozuna ]
Woh-oh !, oh!
Real to death, did you hear baby?
The Diose ‘
Ozuna, eh

[Chorus: Anuel AA & Ozuna , Both ]
About us’ e’ prohibited , oh
But she hides it well (Oh-oh)
She knows more than they think (Oh-oh)
And from one to ten, I give him a hundred
Several times’ he has lied
But just to have a good time
This is not ‘his first time’ (Oh-oh)
And from one to ten, I give him a hundred ( Woh-oh )
What about us ‘is’ prohibited,We ‘e’ forbidden, oh )
But she hides it well ( Woh-oh ; yeh, yeh)
She knows more than you think (Yeh, yeh)
And from one to ten, I give her a hundred ( Eh, eh )
Several Vece ‘he has lied
But just to’ have a good time
 (Yeh, yeh)
This is not ‘his first time’ ( First time ‘ ; yeh, yeh)
And from one to ten , I will give him a hundred (Brr)

[Post-Chorus: Ozuna, Ozuna & Anuel AA ]
Woh-oh !, oh!
And from one to the die ‘, I give him a hundred
Woh-oh !, oh!
El Negrito Ojos Claro ‘, baby

[Verse 1: Ozuna & Anuel AA ]
That pants fit you well (They fit you well)
I love seeing you as Chanel, but without clothes too (Eh, eh)
Toa’ the ‘garment’ Cartier
Don’t lie ‘Baby, no one is’ faithful
anymore I’ll give you what you ask for ‘ (He asks me’)
If he asks me ‘the time, look at it at the Richard Mille (Oh-oh-oh)
Let’s go’ pa’l whore to look at ‘ (Oh-oh-oh)
That I changed like four hundred’, baby, so that you throw them away ‘

[Pre-Chorus: Ozuna & Anuel AA ]
Lies’ (Lies’)
You think you are good baby, but you are ‘bad ( Oh-oh )
It makes you’ the one who doesn’t, but you’re aware ( Oh-oh )
Whenever you want ‘of me, you just call me ‘
And we get’ to my bed (Woh-oh, woh-oh), yeh-eh ( Ah? )

[Chorus: Anuel AA & Ozuna , Both ]
Lo de nosotro ‘e’ prohibited ( Yeah-yeah)
But she hides it well ( Oh-oh )
She knows more than they think (They believe)
And from one to ten, I give her a hundred (Oh-oh)
Several times she has lied ( Oh-oh )
But only pa ‘have fun(Yeah, yaeh)
This is not ‘his first time’ (Brr)
And from one to the end ‘, I give him a hundred

[Verse 2: Anuel AA & Ozuna , Both ]
I do not tell her that she is rich, my look already says it ( She says it )
She knows that she has it ‘from the fifteen (Of the fifteen)
She had a tattoo of death on her bicep ‘(Yeah-eh) She
wants me to capitalize inside her, brr
I know it is forbidden, but I follow you
There is something that tempts me and you 
Versace her coat ( Eh ), Louis her dress It
smells like a fine port
 , bad the Baby ( Baby )
Which yacht does she want to hang out with? (Janguear)
The Lambo wants to guide (Brr; yeah-eh )
She looks bad at the ‘other’ babe ‘She
wants me to take her to Viña del Mar (Yeah, yeah)

[Pre-Chorus: Ozuna & Anuel AA , Both]
Lies ( Lies’ )
You think you’re good, but you’re bad ( Bad )
It makes you ‘the one who doesn’t, but you’ are aware ( You ‘are aware )
Whenever you want’ of me, you just call me ‘(He calls me’ )
And we come ‘to my bed ( To my bed, yeah , Brr! )

[Chorus: Ozuna & Anuel AA , Both ]
About us ‘is’ prohibited, oh
But it hides it well ( Oh, oh, oh )
She knows more than you think ( Oh, oh, oh )
And from one to
ten I give her a hundred Several times’ she has lied But only to have a good time ( Have a good time )
This is not her first time ( Time )
And from one to ten, I give it a hundred ( One hundred )

[Outro: Anuel AA]
Los Diose ‘, did you hear, baby?
Ozuna, yeh, yeh
Boy ‘, they are already hitting songs’
Now he needs to learn how to make money, haha
Hi Music Hi Flow (Brr)
Hi Music Hi Flow, yeh

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