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Eso – Letter To The Government

Published By Kez On 21st May 2024, 4:41 pm

DOWNLOAD MP3: Eso – Letter To The Government (Free MP3) AUDIO 320kbps 

DOWNLOAD MP3: Eso – Letter To The Government (Free MP3) AUDIO 320kbps 

Nigeria fast-rising talented singer Eso drops a brand new pop song “Letter To The Government” MP3 available for your mp3 download fans. 

Eso comes through with a banging pop song, a message titled “Letter To The Government”. Prod. By Barmy.

About Eso, Popularly known by his stage name Eso, He’s a Nigerian Musical artist, rapper, song writer. Naijafindmp3.

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Eso – Letter To The Government LYRICS


They got the keys to the oil
You Know, keys to the power
Pushing all the Poor’s to the bottom like the poles in the bottom
Young Kings

Rap (Verse 1)

Gotta get in the pool no water in the pool.
My life is so hard I’m feeling so hurt. Got worse feelings in my mind, troubles everyday in our Black communities, young kids die daily murder in cool blood, what about our government, They Care Zero
Sick in my brain, break upstairs, I lost my mind but I don’t wanna die. Mama told me never give up on your Hustle, no more sweet conversation. I live everyday Like I hustle. I wonder if the sun will ever shine on me Nigga.
God is great the street ain’t home, only the strong survives
Too many Lives on the line Nigga.
Guchi s,baby Niggas II’m skipping Hennessy Rolling with my Rose
And this letter to the Government Nigga


I cry for change, I pray for the weak.
But our government never gonna change, they never gonna change,
Oh Lord I know you can hear me cry, tears and ugly smiles rolling in my face.
I don’t wanna die but if I gotta leave I don’t wanna nobody crying in my funeral.
All I want Young Black kid’s smoking weed and drinking Hennessy.
Life is too short be wasted


O kwa egwu mu guru ka eji kpopu mu court
Onyibo mu suru ka eji kpopu mu court
Eziokwu mu kwuru ka eji kpopu mu court (NWA)
O kwa maka kosi
Okwa maka kosi
Ndia amaro kosi adi ooo
They don’t care
They don’t care
Ndia jikwa men egwu egwu

Rap (Verse 2)

Vision and revolution never crossed my mind so I stick to my dreams. Time to free our own mind’s. I never loved the view from the street,
I use to be scared to say the truth, Now the list unknown, emotions got me feeling Bad.
Someone tell me how much does a Life cost?
I was stressed in all the drama, politicians using us, now the government are killing us, no more sunny days for the Young King’s Nigga

[Chorus] Repeat

Rap (Verse 3)

Holy death take me straight to God don’t bring me back nigga money talks, bitch don’t west my time with holes. M.O.B black ticket win election and kill us after, weak Government in our Black communities, remember when they had no power talking shit on the street.
Peace is lost they gave us war, Hey God I’m never scared of the late night. Change on me. Hope I win. Too many cities depend on me. Black Jesus. Many years have come and past still I see no change. Mr President is worse than a corpse.
Sleeping everyday while all Black’s dying everyday. Damn That nigga is so mean. I have seen a lot of he’ll since the day my Mama gave me breath me, if I’m gonna die and go to he’ll I’m gonna make it look so sexy. Nigga I cried for day’s in so many ways
Voice from the streets. I don’t even care of it gets to the president, because I want the president to know how they killing us. Hate the police they rubbing us.

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    Thanks Blood